The NorBrew Con Homebrew Competition is a great chance for you to compete amongst homebrewers from all over, to settle once and for all, who is the best brewer of hoppy IPAs. Whether it is a English, west coast, black, double or New England style IPA, doesn´t really matter. It all comes down to the balance of the flavours, as well as the skills of the brewer. All of the entries will be judged according to the Norbrygg (the Norwegian Homebrewers Association) guidelines for beer styles by certified beer judges from Norbrygg.

Beer style guidelines:

The prices are as follows: 

1st place 5000 NOK gift card from Brewshop + your beer recipe will be made into a beer kit that will be sold at Brewshop

2nd place 3000 NOK gift card from Brewshop

3rd place 1000 NOK gift card from Brewshop 

The winners will also get their awesome trophies in gold, silver and bronze design, to put on the shelf and remind everyone about your brewing skills.

To enter the competition, you have to sign up via an entry form that will be posted onto this site on a later date. All bottle and can sizes will be accepted as long as they are without any distinguishing marks, such as personalized labels, stickers, custom crown caps etc. Three bottles or cans has to be submitted with the entry code label taped onto the bottles/cans. 

All entries has to be dropped off or sent to Brewshop by Friday the 5th of February, 2021. See below for the address. Please make sure to post the parcel in due time, as the judging will commence shortly after the due date.

Brewhouse AS
C/O Brewshop
Bratsbergvegen 2
7031 Trondheim